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tishAt Essentially Pop we usually just cover music, but as our strap line is “plus a little bit more”, we figure we can stretch the remit a bit every so often.

If you’ve been online at all the past year or so you’ll likely have noticed the rising popularity of the video app, Vine. Vines are 6 second videos, on any subject, some of which go viral, making their owners overnight sensations.

This happened to Tish Simmonds in July. One day she was your average 18 year old studying animal care at college…posting vines for fun…the next, she was literally an overnight sensation. She’s gained over 87,000 Twitter followers – including Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw, Huddersfield Giants rugby player Eorl Crabtree, and pop duo Jedward. Her Vines have been copied and parodied, and her catchphrase, “I’m in my mum’s car, Broom Broom” has even been used on stage by Harry Styles from One Direction!

When Tish followed Essentially Pop on our twitter, we leapt at the opportunity to speak to her.

We asked Tish to tell us something about herself.

“I did a vine called, “I’m in my mum’s car broom broom” and it went viral overnight. People loved it! Being famous overnight was mental! Everyone was going crazy, every second more followers following me and messaging me – I didn’t know what was going on!

“At first when I looked at my Vine and it was going up and up (in number of loops) it was going crazy – but I love it!

“I have been doing other stuff, I make vines with other people too.”

“On the 27th of September I’ll be going to #VineUnited vs CelebFC. It’s a football match in aid of Isabel Hospice in Hertfordshire, so that will be fun. In October I’m also going to meet John Challis, who used to be in Only Fools and Horses. I may be doing some other great stuff, we don’t know yet.”

Being an overnight sensation has had its downside. She told her local newspaper, the Huddersfield Daily Examiner:

“People have been supportive but some of the comments are from haters. It makes me feel a bit sad.”

After a lot of cyberbullying, Tish deleted her Vines (including the original I’m in My Mum’s Car). She then decided to fight back, and made some Vines about bullying. From the Examiner:

“Sometimes I don’t feel like doing it when people say nasty things to me, but I just ignore them. I just enjoy doing them and I want to carry on. It’s a change because I used to sit around doing nothing but now I can make vines.”

We asked Tish how she’d like to capitalise on her new found fame:

“I’d love to be in ads, like car sales or other stuff. Maybe short comedy clips – that would be amazing!”

The #VineUnited vs CelebFC football match will be held next Saturday, 27 September at Swifts Football Club, Silver Leys, Hadham Road, Bishops Stortford. Details at Isabel Hospice.

Thanks for talking to us Tish! All of us at Essentially Pop wish you well in the future!

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