Four Top Reasons To Pick Up A Guitar Today

As a music lover, you’ll likely have dabbled with the idea of learning an instrument yourself. Many people believe that unless you picked up a guitar as a kid, the whole thing is going to be too tough to achieve as an adult. On the contrary, this couldn’t be further from the truth and learning to play in your teen or adult years is still certainly a goal to put on your bucket list. If you’re contemplating the idea, here come four fab reasons to swap your air guitar for the real deal!


The practice of music has long been praised for its therapeutic properties and ability to enhance our mental health. Playing a musical instrument and songwriting is such a useful tool to express our emotions healthily. Many musicians use their craft to get through tough times in their life or to unwind after a hard day’s work. We live in such a fast-paced and digitalised society that can sometimes affect our bodies and minds negatively. With this in mind, every individual must have a way to destress and access a therapeutic outlet.


The practice of creativity can both enrich our lives and nurture our hidden talents. The natural high that arrives from the creative process is both unmatchable and unique. Being creative has often been linked to improving one’s mental health, so you’ll be ensuring a healthy mind if you have enough artistic expression in your life. If you are creative often enough, you will find that your skills and imagination will develop over time. Your increased capacity for original ideas will likely help you in your work and social life also. The first thing you will need to do is to find the right guitar for you. Sites like or will be able to provide some useful info.


Many people struggle with their self-esteem, at least at some stage during their lives. The practice of learning to play the guitar could help to elevate your levels of confidence. You’ll surprise yourself with the achievement, extend your social circles and perhaps perform in front of others. Sometimes when you lack confidence, all you need to do is to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Often, the thought of performing is actually scarier than the process itself. Once you’ve performed in front of others for the first time, you’ll likely wonder what you were so worried about!

New skills 

Those who commit to always learning new things will benefit from a rich skillset that they can draw upon in other areas of their life. Playing the guitar will improve your memory, which will help to slow down the process of cognitive ageing as you get older. As well as this, playing the guitar may land you with some singer song-writer skills that you never thought you’d have! You’ll learn to be more self-disciplined and focused because learning the guitar takes lots of practice and hard work. There are plenty of song writing tips out there to get you started. If you don’t fancy this, you can simply learn the songs of all your favs.

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  1. Great post! I totally agree that everyone can benefit from playing an instrument, especially guitar. You can be an Earl Slick or Brian May if you are willing to put in some long hours. Or you can learn some chords and a couple of licks by ear and play for the joy and relaxation of it. Blues is a great style to do this in!

    1. Yes! Music can take you places, and it can also give you a sense of achievement, and also a channel for emotions. Did you see Earl Slick never learned to read music – he plays by ear – because he’s a bluesman!

        1. Yay thank you! He’s a cool dude indeed – when we’ve got a bit more time we will upload the audio onto our SoundCloud because it’s a great one to hear as well!

          1. I bet it is! I remember having a cassette of the Phantom, Rocker, and Slick album and who doesn’t love the music of David Bowie? I think it’s cool that Glenn Matlock is finally getting the recognition he’s always deserved as a musician. Sid was more stage dressing than talent. Love your blog! Speaking of musicians, I’ve got a cool review up from drummer Morgan Tanner, who is also an excellent horror writer. Check it out if you have time! Thanks

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