5 Interesting Tips To Learn On Writing Hit Songs

Writing a hit song is not an entirely easy task, to be honest. This is because it’s rather important if you actually want to make beautiful music. Even the best songwriters, at some points in their career, experience writer’s block too. They are not really super-humans. They are just people like you.

One of the things that even make it more difficult to make a hit is the fact that there are so many writers scrambling to make the top 100. But, if you really want to make your song chart like Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, or Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’, you must be willing to put in extra effort and have a clearer determination as a songwriter.

Truth be told, there’s no appropriate way on how to write a hit song. However, you can still write lyrics that will chart by following the interesting tips we are going to be discussing in this article. Even if you read the best Australian essays on how to make a hit, it doesn’t guarantee that your lyrics will become what everyone is would want to listen to on the radio, in clubs or even at home. Everything depends on how natural you are, and the amount of creativity and determination you demonstrate with your lyrics.

● Decide on an overarching musical topic and theme

However, just like you’d want to be sure of your target audience before starting a business, you need to also make sure you choose a theme that holds a message that will resonate well with your audience before going ahead to write. Of course, in the case of writing an email or you are an expert who deals with usa online essays or you really want to make your next song a hit, it must actually contain the 5 Ws: the what, who, why, where and how.

These will also make sure that your audience is able to capture and understand what it is really about. This is why each line of your lyrics must present a comprehensive picture of what your message is.

The songs that top music charts are only able to do so because of the emotional effect the artist is able to stimulate in the listeners.

Your topic must also be able to reflect what your theme and message are. Even if you decide to go ahead with writing an essay, you must first come up with an interesting topic.

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● Create and organize your lyrics

After deciding on a musical theme that aims to clearly present your overall message to your listeners, the next thing to do is to create your lyrics. Good lyrics will always capture the attention of music lovers. And just as I’ve mentioned before, each of your lines must be able to adequately convey your theme to those who listen to your music in the long run.

Organization is also very important. A song that has a superbly organized lyrics also has the huge potential of becoming a hit. And we all know that a good writer must never wander from the original subject to make true meaning. When your lyrics is not compact, it will confuse your listeners and ultimately discourage them from listening to your songs.

● Be creative with the structure

Just like essay writing, songwriting also follows a certain structure. Although this structure is not rigid and they don’t guarantee a hit, they are actually somewhat essential. But, just keep it in mind that in whatever you do, you must know that creativity is the hallmark of perfection. If you are pretty observant, you’ll notice that most of the hit songs don’t even have a complex structure. They have only been able to achieve popularity because of the creativity the songwriter was able to infuse in the lyrics.

One way of creating a rather interesting musical structure is to build a catchy chorus and verse. It’s your verses that tell the story to your listeners. The chorus then resonates your theme and message in a creative and interesting manner.

● Make it personal

This may seem to be all too apparent, but it is absolutely true that the most beautiful music strongly reflects the personal experiences of the singer or writer. When you actually make your music personal, you’ll be able to better express greater creativity than when you don’t.

Whether you want to use your lyrics to reflect the bad things or great things that happened to you in the past, showing what you’ve gone through over time makes your listeners connect to you or an equal level. People want to listen to those they can relate with, not people they’ll find difficult to understand. So keep this in mind the next time you write.

● Get feedback

There’s no way you can know that you’ve done the right thing if you don’t really get feedback from the right people. Feedback, here, doesn’t necessarily have to come directly from your listeners. You can ask those closest to you to help you evaluate your lyrics and check for gaps.

Asking for feedback from honest people also fuels your desire to invariably write. Don’t be afraid. Yes, your feelings will get hurt. But, how else would you be able to improve your songwriting skills if you don’t really get honest opinions from people you can totally trust to clearly say what is truly wrong with your lyrics.


There you have them, 5 interesting tips on making a hit song. If you are a musician and you find it somewhat difficult to write lyrics, you should be able to an essay writing help, to help with your lyrics. Just make sure to refine it so that they present your personality and creativity to your audience.

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