A B01 – ‘Copper Nebulas’

TaSzlin Muerte, also known as A BOI, is one third of Austin trio, BXPLTN. We recently covered A BOI – the name itself is an acronym of “Absolutely Bereft Of Imagination”, last month with his trippy, dystopian release, ‘See Through (Chapter 1)‘. Now he’s back, with the equally intriguing, ‘Copper Nebulas’.

A BOI’s genre of choice is a spooky, thought provoking style, with a creeping eeriness – it could most effectively be described as “Haunted Music”. His previous release was haunted, and new single, ‘Copper Nebulas’, is equally spectral. A BOI is able to show off his social justice voice, which he also expresses with BLXPLTN, but within this style he is able to do so in a different, more personal, even sinister, way.

The video for ‘Copper Nebulas’ sees director Ben Snyder take us on a visual journey, which starts in the woods, and ends with a ritualistic dance around a fire. We see A BOI’s alerted view on life: witches cast spells, and hypnotise a young woman, and are then seen attacking a man in hiding. Lyrically, the track longs for a missing person who no longer exists in the life of the narrator, but nonetheless, is still troubling his mind, as he sings,

“Can’t break apart/tell me where we at”

Themes throughoug the clip include lust, sex, manipulation, and control, and we’re given an insight into the personality of the missing person.

Find out more about A BOI online on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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