Karson City Rebels Take Us Behind The Scenes Of New Single, ‘Runaway Train’

Following on from our write up about Karson City Rebels and their new single, ‘Runaway Train’, we have now spoken to the band themselves, and got their side of the story about the track.

What inspired the creation of “Runaway Train”? Were there specific events or experiences that influenced the song? 

    The inspiration for “Runaway Train” was a woman I was very attracted to and hoping for a relationship with her. The music, first verse and chorus just exploded out of me in minutes. The rest of the song took some time to craft.  

    Can you elaborate on the main themes and messages you wanted to convey with the lyrics?

    The main theme of the song is pure out-of-control animal lust.  

    What was the concept behind the music video for “Runaway Train”? 

    The video concept was to inter-cut a live band performance with a “hot” young couple acting out the lyric fantasy on a railroad track in the desert.  

    The music video features some striking visuals. Can you talk about the choice of locations, costumes, and overall aesthetic? 

    For the story part of the production, we chose a remote railroad track location in New Mexico. The hope was to create as big a fantasy as possible. 

    It was shot in color but finished in black and white to create an extremely dramatic look. In some shots, the leading lady wears flowing red dress with everything else black and white. This adds to the drama and offers the viewer some added “eye candy”. 

    In all the rest of the shots she is wearing jeans and a white blouse with heavy  

    Southwest Indian jewelry to connect with the location and vibe of the art direction.  

    The leading man is dressed in T-shirt, boots, jeans and a ball cap to represent a working class “western” type guy.   

    Were there any specific scenes or shots that were particularly challenging or memorable to shoot? 

    The drone shots of the couple dancing and running on the railroad track were 

    challenging for both the actors and the director of photography.  

    How do you feel this song fits into the overall journey and discography of the band?

    “Runaway Train” is the signature sound of the hard rock side of the Karson City Rebels.

    How has the audience reacted to “Runaway Train” and its music video? Have there been any surprising or particularly touching responses? 

    Playing the song live gets people dancing. The video evidence is clear, what more could a band want. As of today, June 30, 2024, the full video has 14k Youtube views. The TikTok short has 33k views. There haven’t been any surprising responses to the video or live performances. Reactions have been what we hope for. 

    Can you share any behind-the-scenes stories from the studio or on set of the music video?

    All aspects of the studio recording went very well, except for recording the drums. Long after the initial drum recording session, which happened at the Sal Rodriguez studio LA, I realized, some of the fills needed to be changed. The re-record happened at Studio Hill Austin. As far as any on set stories, the biggest one is that the “hot” couple, rodeo kids and not professional actors, didn’t know each other. With some of the intimate shots we wanted it was a little awkward at times.    

    What’s next for you and the band? Are there any upcoming projects or new directions you’re excited about?

    We just released “Let’s Party” June 28. It’s our latest single after “Runaway Train”. We will be releasing “Time Done Gone” on August 23 and our 5 song EP “Drivin’ in October. The band has upcoming shows in Llano, Fredericksburg and Gale Texas in July and August. And we will be doing a showcase at Americana Fest in Nashville on September 18. 

    We will be releasing more singles in 2025 with an EP to follow.  

    Check out the music video for ‘Runaway Train’ below, and find out more about Karson City Rebels and their music online on their official websiteInstagramFacebook, and YouTube.

    Karson City Rebels - "Runaway Train" (Official Music Video)

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