INTERVIEW: Maddox Jones Talks New Single, ‘Change My Number’, And Upcoming Album

Polly Havelock speaks with singer songwriter Maddox Jones.

Hi Maddox! Let’s kick off by talking about your new single ‘Change My Number’. What was the inspiration behind the single? 

Getting over my ex was the inspiration; the feeling you get when you wake up one day and you’re not sad anymore – it’s a great feeling! 

How does ‘Change My Number’ reflect the current stage of your musical journey and how you’ve evolved as an artist?

 It’s an honest song and that’s all I can ever be – I try not to pigeon hole myself as an artist so I take each song as it comes. That being said – I am enjoying the organic sound of change my number. I was influenced by my band on that one and my producer David Crawford, he comes up with some cool guitar stuff so we went with that, it defo suits the track.

During the writing process of ‘Change My Number’, did you encounter any notable creative breakthroughs or obstacles? How did you overcome them?

I was obsessed with the snare sound not being right, so that took a while and also just getting the power of the chorus with the heavy guitars was a challenge to get the balance right. We overcame these obstacles by just spending time experimenting and working on the track til it was right.

Ahead of your second album, can you give us a glimpse into what to expect? What lyrical themes does it explore? 

It explores overcoming obstacles, self awareness and trying to move through the chaos that is the world in 2024.

As an artist who has been likened to Rag N Bone Man and Tom Walker, who has been your biggest musical influences throughout your career? 

When I was first in bands and being creative I would listen to Blur, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Gary Numan – nowadays I love old soul singers like Otis Redding’s, 70s funk… and I love hearing new albums from big artists – albums that capture the zeitgeist – big fan of Billie Eilish, Coldplay and Teddy Swims!

Describe ‘Change My Number’ in four words…      

Exciting, intimate, positive, epic

To your fans and new listeners, what messages can they learn from ‘Change My Number?”

Personally, it’s a therapeutic song – it’s a song about letting go and moving on – so if anyone is going through a break up – just know that it does get better I promise you!

Can fans expect any upcoming live shows? 

Yes I’m playing the black prince in Northampton on June 1st – and then I’ll be announcing a tour later in the year soon!

To wrap up, can you provide fans with a teaser into what’s next after ‘Change My Number?’

I’m just finishing the album so expect more music and more live shows soon!

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