Chapell Welcomes Us To ‘The Underground Music Show’ With New Single, ‘Suddenly’

‘Suddenly’, out today, is the latest single from musical prodigy Chapell’s upcoming album, ‘The Underground Music Show’ (set for release on July 19 via Chapell Music). The track has a familiarity to those of us who grew up with the sounds of Elvis Costello, Squeeze, and all the best of British music from the 70s and 80s.

In fact, the whole album is infused with retro-vibes, calling to mind the likes of Dylan, Cream, and The Beatles, making ‘The Underground Music Show’ an absolute corker for just about anyone with any musical taste.

‘Suddenly’, with its locomotive rhythms, sees Chapell at his Chris Difford-best vocals; he’s a bit of a chameleon on the album, his voice taking on the sound of whichever artist the song sounds most like. It could be said that ‘The Underground Music Show’ feels like a collaboration between all the artists you’ve ever heard of, but the pantheon of musical gods is actually coming out of the one artist.

It should come as no suprise then to hear that Chapell is a bit of a musical prodigy, and his musical journey hit its stride at the age of 15 when he had some groundbreaking recording sessions with legendary producer, Jimmy Ienner. From there, he absorbed styles and influences wherever he went, such as his time in Mumbai, India, where he led the East-West fusion band, Kalki.

Chapell’s gifts lie not just in music, but also songwriting, and he tells his stories through timeless and complex emotional narratives, with catchy melodies and multi-layered characters. He is able to bring the listener to a place they had no idea they needed to be; drawing them in with relatable words and sounds, painting sonic pictures of those thoughts and feelings we can’t ourselves express fully.

New album, ‘The Underground Music Show’, had its genesis during the global pandemic. Live music had completely shut down, and Chapell focused on his music, drawing inspiration and hope from what it offered. He shares that with us now, giving us the communal experience we didn’t know we needed, but clearly we do:

“More than ever, people want to feel like they genuinely belong to something. Similar to how you go to church or yoga or whatever you do within a group in order to ease your soul. For me, the goal is always to draw inspiration from the collective – whether it’s during a more intimate solo concert or with my entire five-piece band. I want to process the human experience with you; to dream with you. Although mostly, I just want to have a good time with you!”

Find out more about Chapell and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube. ‘The Underground Music Show’ is out July 19.

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