SINGLE: Wyn Starks Unveils Electrifying New Single, ‘Run’

Pop-meets-80s rock sensation and America’s Got Talent star Wyn Starks returns with compelling new single ‘Run’, released on February 16, 2024 via Curb Records. Co-written with Fred Williams and mixed by John Catlin, who notably worked alongside Interpol and Death Cab For Cutie, this fearless, uplifting hit cohesively champions the idea of pursuing your ambitions and embracing what life has to offer. ‘Run’ hails from a series of pop-rock masterpieces that recall the timeless characteristics of acts such as The Killers and The Weeknd, crafting an uproarious, exciting direction for Stark’s upcoming sophomore album.  

Blending distinctive, catchy melodies with Stark’s trademark impressive vocal range, ‘Run’ exquisitely capture Stark’s enigmatic stage presence and charisma, crafting a memorable pop offering in the process. With an effortless knack for seamless delivery, Stark’s voice serves as the driving force for the hit, solidifying his star power. Irresistible and stacked with energy, the feel-good single intertwines soulful lyrics with a multitude of genres, including 80s rock, pop and R’nB. 

‘Run’ is driven by a miraculous synth-led bed of electrifying, driving guitar, infectious drums and flourishes of melodic synth. Maintaining a traditional pop-rock sound with modern tendencies, the track places emphasis on the title ‘Run’ throughout, as Starks’ vocals sky-rocket to glorious heights in each chorus. This crafts an undeniable energy, encouraging listers to strive for their aspirations. Inspired by his decision to leave his hometown and throw himself into the unknown. The killer single illustrates the sensation of letting go of fear, as Stark shared,

“I relate because too many times in my own life and career, I have let fear stop me from pursuing my dreams.” 

Wyn Starks is well-known for his 2022 appearance on America’s Got Talent and his Black Is Golden album, with songs like, ‘Who I Am’, gathering 11.5 million YouTube views and charting #14 on the Billboard charts. In 2023, Starks spent the majority of the year preparing his sophomore amidst back-to-back tours with Delta Rae. Combining his original R&B soul influences, Stark’s anticipated sophomore offering is set to not shy away from stepping outside of his comfort zone. 

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Wyn Starks "Run" (Official Lyric Video)

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