HIT ALERT: Ladybyrd Releases New Single ‘Way Back Home’

London-based singer Ladybyrd returns with evocative new single “Way Back Home”, a melancholically pensive, haunting track unveiled from the hotly-tipped debut album that combines her deeply heartfelt, introspective lyrics with a hypnotic sound. Drawing comparisons to the cinematic enticement of Lana Del Rey and the enriching, melodic charm of Taylor Swift, “Way Back Home ” is a breathtaking example of Ladybyrd’s intriguing songwriting and ability to craft captivating, empowering pop. 

“Way Back Home” illustrates a journey of returning to your hometown to reconnect with a loved one, which leads to a compelling realization of self-discovery. Opening over a sultry bed of ascending strings, Ladybyrd eases into her past with a quivering, gentle delivery before gloriously breaking into a towering, explosive chorus, leaving the listener with a lingering question – “Did you ever really let go?”. Stirring and deeply expressive throughout, Ladybyrd’s mesmerizing voice is a glorious stand-out, switching between delicate and whisper-esque to commanding and passionate. 

Ladybyrd’s upcoming debut navigates her substantial journey over the past two years, approaching themes of mental health, relationship complexity and self-growth. “Way Back Home” lyrically expresses Ladybyrd’s determination to reunite with a past lover or perhaps her younger self, emphasized by the repetition of “I will find my way back home to you.” This is sonically intensified by a rapid growth in vast sound effects, growling bass and a rhythm that mirrors a pulsing heartbeat, displaying underlying tones of self-empowerment and optimism. 

This seductive, vivid addition to her discography expresses Ladybyrd’s inevitable rising star and proves she is becoming nothing short of a master at her unique, cinematic style. Her debut is yet to be revealed but with each emotive release, the singer-songwriter continues to beautifully deliver and impress – spreading her wings and luring us in for what’s next.

The enchanting “Way Back Home” is out February 2nd. 
Listen to Ladybyrd below:

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