‘Section 2’ Is The Introspective New EP From UK Rapper Deuce Sparks

Released on December 6, ‘Section 2’ is the new EP from UK rapper, Deuce Sparks. The 6 track record sees Sparks channel into music his experiences after having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder 5 years, and being “sectioned” several times.

Recorded at Clarence Street Studios, in Leicester, ‘Section 2’ needs to be listened to more than just once, in order to pick up the nuances and hidden messages that Deuce has interwoven throughout the record. Speaking about the EP, he says,

“The songs are not directly to do with being a mental health patient or being sectioned but more about showcasing the different feelings and experiences that I’ve had musically since the fact.”

The secret messages are effectively slipped in as liner notes for the listener to discover, and for those who’ve been through similar experiences to relate to.

“songs that can stop you in your tracks and make you analyse your position in life and question yourself.”

Deuce Sparks’ aim with ‘Section 2′ is to not just give move the listener’s emotions, but to also take them on an incredible musical journey. While on the surface it’s easy to just focus on Deuce Sparks’ lyrics, as he takes us through his life experiences, but a deeper analysis opens up the music, with its repeated rhythms, chimes, and found sounds, such as laughter, and television news recordings.

Deuce Sparks has been making music for more than a decade, with his initial inspirations being the early garage and grime scenes that emerged at that time. Since then he’s developed his own distinct sound, with his style honed from the platform afforded him at his local youth club. He’s taken a deeper dive into music, taking on influences from rap and hip hop, and the initial grime sound blending into his own distinct vocals.

‘Section 2’ is out now, and is available to stream and download here. You can find out more about Deuce Sparks and his music online on InstagramTwitterFacebook, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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