ADVM Is Unsparing In His Criticism Of The Woman Who Walked Away In New Single, ‘She’s Gone’

ADVM doesn’t mince words in new single, ‘She’s Gone’, as he sings in the chorus, “My guard got up but I still got hurt”. His lady love has walked away, and while his criticism of her is unsparing, he’s nonetheless still open to self-reflection, as he considers the nature of love, and whether or not he is indeed, a candidate for romance at all.

The end result is a pop song that’s both an intriguing character sketch, and an illustration of disillusionment, which will stay fresh in the memories of listeners long after the song is ended.

From the Pacific Northwest, ADVM has emerged as an exciting and intriguing young artist, and his music always keeps his listeners on their toes. His previous single, ‘Weekend’, was a boisterous ode to hedonism, whereas ‘She’s Gone’ is a story of lost love, from the point of view of someone who isn’t quite sure how he feels about the object of his affection. Both songs however have in common that they are about wild attraction, hope, self-confidence, and cynicism, and are delivered by an artist whose unique voice is magnetic, to say the least.

While ADVM’s songs are undeniably pop, the artist himself has a deep love for hip-hop, and knows just how to add their rhythms to his work. While his lyrics are easy enough for anyone to understand, they’ve been selected with a discretion that someone years in the business would be proud of.

Likewise, the music video for ‘She’s Gone’ is also something he should be very much pleased about. We see the two sides of ADVM in romance: he’s the jilted lover, and the pillow-talker; the one who’s happy to snuggle deeply under the blankets, while at the same time, pleading in the rain. Directed by R. Malcolm Jones, we see plenty of closeups on ADVM and his ex, as they connect, and not connect; attract and repel. Altogether it’s a beautiful creation, and makes the perfect addition to any breakup playlist.

You can watch the music video for ‘She’s Gone’ below, and find out more about ADVM and his music online on his official website, Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify.

ADVM - She's Gone (Music Video)

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