‘EZ’ Is The Second Single From Canadian Producer-Singer-Songwriter rsun’s Forthcoming Album ‘Queen Of Swords’

Calling to mind the sound of Lana Del Rey with her soft, silky, heartfelt vocals, ‘EZ’ from rsun is an absolutely hypnotic slice of heaven.

With chilled electronica added to the mix, Canadian producer-singer-songwriter rsun beguiles the listener into a sense of ease and relaxation, while conveying a heartfelt love song that feels both deeply personal and yet at the same time as though we are witnessing something we’ve not been invited to.

Lyrics such as,

“bring me foamy coffee every morning / no one’s ever loved me like you”

draw us in and wrap us up in a blanket of warm love and affection, while others like,

“brand new suitcase for my cables / no one’s ever loved me like you”

show us a gentle domesticity and personal touches that are experienced by people who know each other intimately.

Speaking of the track, rsun said,

“I generally make art for and from sadness; this is the only happy song on the record. I think I initially wrote this song from a place of bliss, but by the time I was editing it, it was painful to look back on a snapshot of sunshine and butterflies in an otherwise doomed relationship. But I think it’s important to voice that feeling of ease, when love feels right and makes life beautiful. There’s a reason we keep trying.”

‘EZ’ is out today and can be streamed and downloaded here. You can find out more about rsun and her music online on Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, and TikTok.

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