‘ANDROGENISE’ Is The Empowering Debut Album From Carδamo – A Showcase Of Their True Resilience And Strength Of Character

Released on August 26, ‘ANDROGENISE’ is a collection of sensational hyper pop anthems from the London based artist, Carδamo.

The thirteen track album is the result of, in Carδamo’s words, “years of trauma, unlearning, finding myself and pent-up expression”. They come fighting straight out of the gate with title track ‘ANDROGENISE’ – raw, authentic, and overflowing with emotion. The track is reminiscent in parts of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, and effectively covers similar themes of dealing with gender and sexuality. This continues with ‘NBNBNBN’, as Carδamo expresses the difficulty experienced in trying to understand what their sexuality meant to them – and how to convey this to others. Carδamo grew up in a deeply and challenging environment, where they faced constant ridicule and stigmatising; through ‘ANDROGENISE’ they are able to shed all the past shame and show themselves for their own most beautiful version.

Speaking about the album, Carδamo said,

“I think the album shows the extent of my creativity while also preserving the indignant nature that I have brewed from holding in all of the negative energy thrown at me.”

Track 3, ‘SCREAM ABOUT’ is as fast paced as the preceding tracks, with the addition of some middle eastern sounds, reflective of their heritage, which is half Cypriot, and half Italian. This flavour returns in track 5, ‘DADDY TECHNO DREAM PUNK’, which couples fast paced electronica with an exotic vibe.

Incredibly, ‘ANDROGENISE’ was written, recorded, and produced entirely in Carδamo’s home studio, allowing the artist to pour hours into every aspect of the album, and ensuring that it was perfect in every way. It’s clear that ‘ANDROGENISE’ has been a cathartic experience for Carδamo, and we recommend listening while reading the lyrics, found on Spotify, in order to fully appreciate what Carδamo is expressing. It’s an album that will draw the listener in, and perhaps have them contemplate their own existence and lifestyle.

‘ANDROGENISE’ is out now, and is available to stream and download here. You can find out more about Carδamo and their music online on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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