We Speak With Ghost Hounds Front Man Tré Nation About New Single ‘Last Train To Nowhere’, Gibson Guitars, The Robert Johnson Connection, And Their Inspirations

Earlier this month we wrote about Ghost Hounds’ latest single, ‘Last Train To Nowhere‘. It’s not the first time we’d covered the band, back in May we wrote about their release, ‘Make It Shake‘. Now we’ve taken the opportunity to ask them a few questions, and front man Tré Nation was lovely enough to answer them for us.

Your new single, ‘Last Train To Nowhere’, comes with a pretty raunchy music video, it feels more like a clip from a movie or tv show than a music video – have you ever been tempted to get into acting?

Tre Nation: Well, first, thank you for saying that! We worked with a really talented director, Jay Arcansalin, and he wrote a great treatment to Thomas’s lyrics. When Thomas writes, he comes up with characters in the songs and he’s able to tell stories that lend themselves to very cinematic imagery. We’re really proud of that video.

As for acting, yes, absolutely! I’ve done some small stuff, but for sure, I love to be in front of the camera and take on the persona of a character. It’s a lot of fun.

You’re signed to Gibson Records, so clearly their guitars have a solid place in your hearts. How did that come about, and what do Gibson Guitars mean to you?

TN: Gibson is one of the most iconic brands in music. Both of our guitar players play Gibsons. Thomas always tells this story about being a kid and seeing a Gibson on the wall that he couldn’t afford. So, the day he was able to buy one was a special day for him. He has A LOT of them now. Haha!

And as for the partnership, we’ve had a longstanding relationship with Gibson and the amazing people over there. When it came time to put out our new record,  it was a no brainer to put it out on Gibson Records. They’re sweet, sweet people – we’re very happy to be there.

What’s the origin of your band name?

TN: Thomas named the band and drew inspiration from the story of Robert Johnson. The story goes that he was just an ok guitar player that longed for fame and fortune. He sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the Devil tuning his guitar at the Crossroads in Mississippi, and he became a great player. He wrote a song called “Hellhound on my Trail” and the hellhound symbolizes the presence of the Devil. Thomas really liked the myth attached to that story, so that’s where the name Ghost Hounds came from.

If you were on the last train to nowhere, and you had all the time in the world, what would you do with it? Keeping in mind that you’re restricted by being on a train, so there’s some limitations!

TN: This is a hard one…probably a lot of time thinking about how to get off. Haha!

We love the country music vibe to ‘Last Train To Nowhere’, but it’s otherwise pure rock. Who are your musical inspirations, and what is it about their sound that you like?

TN: We all have different musical tastes but as a band we’re really inspired by the Rolling Stones. That’s Thomas’s favorite band. And on the country end, we really respect what Chris Stapleton is doing. He’s got an incredible voice.

What’s next for Ghost Hounds? What can fans expect?

TN: We’re really proud of this album and can’t wait to get out and play these songs live. Our team is working on dates now, so we’ll have some shows to announce here very soon.

Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what’s the answer to that question?

TN: This one is tough…probably what my favorite Beyonce song is. Haha!

You can find out more about Ghost Hounds and their music online on their official websiteYouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

Ghost Hounds - Last Train To Nowhere (Official Music Video)

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