The Struts’ New Album, ‘Pretty Vicious’, Soon To Hit Shelves

Yesterday, on August 9th, British rock band The Struts announced the release date of their upcoming fourth studio album, ‘Pretty Vicious’ – releasing on November 3rd, the new piece will be their first since October 2020. It’s available to pre-order here. The platinum-certified band have been hard at work since the beginning, touring with legendary acts such as the Rolling Stones and the Foo Fighters, with the latter praising them for their performance.

The band came to fruition due to the work of Luke Spiller, a Bristol singer-songwriter who first started out playing in bands at a young age, and Adam Slack, a Derby-based guitarist-songwriter on a similar trajectory to Spiller. The two bonded on their passion for music, and due to their bands both falling apart, decided to join up together. The duo recruited mutual friends Jamie Binns and Rafe Thomas to form a quartet – although the latter two were replaced by bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davies, who formed the current lineup of the Struts. They started recording material by 2012, and their second single, ‘Could Have Been Me’, eventually went platinum. Soon after, the group debuted with ‘Kiss This EP’, and all their albums since then have been released to critical acclaim.

Although we can’t say whether the album will be good or not yet (time machines don’t exist yet), we can take a look at their previous works to get insight into how it’ll sound. The quartet’s latest single, ‘Too Good At Raising Hell’, not only shows the band’s flamboyant, 80s-rockstar-esque style, but is also just a brilliant track – plain and simple, like the dictionary definition for glam rock. If ‘Pretty Vicious’ is anything like that (unlikely, judging by its cover art), then we’re in for a great ride come November 3rd, when the 11-track album makes it to store shelves.

Watch the video for the album’s lead single, ‘Too Good At Raising Hell’ here, and catch The Struts on their US tour at the following dates:

…Remember The Name Tour Dates
Nov 6 – Louisville, KY
Nov 7 – Columbia, MO
Nov 8 – Omaha, NE
Nov 10 – Green Bay, WI
Nov 11 – Dubuque, WI
Nov 13 – Kansas City, MO
Nov 15 – Dallas, TX
Nov 16 – San Antonio, TX
Nov 17 – Houston, TX
Nov 18 – Tulsa, OK
Nov 20 – Denver, CO
Nov 21 – Salt Lake City, UT
Nov 22 – Boise, ID
Nov 24 – Portland, OR
Nov 25 – Seattle, WA
Nov 27 – Vancouver, BC
Nov 30 – San Fransisco, CA
Dec 1 – Stateline, NV
Dec 2 – Sacramento, CA
Dec 4 – San Luis Obispo, CA
Dec 5 – Ventura, CA
Dec 8 – San Diego, CA
Dec 9 – Chandler, AZ
Dec 10 – Los Angeles, CA

The Struts - Too Good At Raising Hell (Official Music Video)

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