Swedish Band BIG NO NO Release New Single, ‘Hold Your Horses’

Swedish indie rock band Big No No have released the latest part of a new album in the works, a track titled ‘Hold Your Horses’. Following up their self-titled debut album in 2022, the four-man army have started work on a new piece expected to be released some time next year – a piece that explores lighter tones compared to the aforementioned 2022 release, which contained elements of 90s indie rock.

Formed some time before the release of their 2022 self-titled debut, the group got to work on the album immediately, exploring a variety of themes on the ten-track piece. Although the Stockholm-based quartet are relative rookies of the music industry, they have already made an impact on their local scene, and will continue to do so with their future work – their next album is already in the works, and we can see a snippet of that work in the group’s latest release, ‘Hold Your Horses’.

The song, as previously mentioned, is more uptempo and of a lighter tone compared to the group’s debut album, with an energetic distorted guitar forming the backbone of an awesome instrumental. The song’s lyrics are a bit more curious – referencing award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey and his catchphrase ‘all right’, among a variety of other topics. On YouTube, the song comes with an equally curious accompanying music video, where the band members are depicted in vibrant coloured clothing performing comedic actions to the flow of the song, including, but not limited to; silly dances, lying down on the floor and playing dead, pulling silly faces, and much more. You can see this video for yourself down below.

Big No No - "Hold Your Horses" (Official Music Video)

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