Irish Singer Moncrieff Releases Newest Single ‘Love Somebody’

Following up the success of last year’s EP, ‘Warm’, Irish singer Moncrieff has released even more great music, including his latest single, ‘Love Somebody’, on all major streaming platforms. With the aforementioned track garnering millions of streams across platforms, Moncrieff has been killing it recently, winning hearts over all across the industry, including praise from major publications such as The Sun, The Times, and even BBC Radio One.

The Irish singer has been passionate about singing/performing since he was young. Through his 6 years in the music industry (debuting in 2017 with the single, ‘Symptoms’), Moncrieff has become widely successful, having hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify alone. He has also toured around Ireland and a wide range of other European venues in major cities in England and Germany. Seeking to expand his catalogue even further and reach a wider audience through 2023, Moncrieff has announced a whole new tour to accompany the single and the rest of his music, which spans several months and goes through multiple European countries.

‘Love Somebody’ is an aptly-named track about how you should show someone how much they mean to you, as life is too impermanent to not do so. The first track off Moncrieff’s long-awaited album, following a long string of EPs, shows a trend for the rest of the album’s tracks, and sets expectations high – it’s a brilliant track, with beautiful themes and great instrumentation to boot. The yet-to-be-titled LP will be due next year, and if its contents are anything like ‘Love Somebody’, we can expect a brilliant piece from Moncrieff.

Listen to ‘Love Somebody’ through the link here.

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