Comedian Kyle Gordon Makes His Venture Into Music With Debut Album Announcement

On July 31st, comedian and internet sensation Kyle Gordon announced his debut album (yet to be titled) will be released through a partnership with BMG. After years of building up a following on social media and performing at local venues, Gordon has become one of New York City’s most popular and funniest comedians, getting featured on TV channels like Comedy Central and Adult Swim. He now seeks to voyage into new waters with his new album, including a single, ‘Planet of the Bass’, releasing August 22nd.

Gordon first got a knack for comedy when he was younger, starting out with a relatively small audience on social media, slowly building up popularity and performing at venues. Over time, he has become one of the most acclaimed comedians of the social media era, getting his works featured in major publications and TV outlets, gaining millions of followers, and, as he states himself, having fun everyday while doing it. He is equally passionate about creating music, as we’ll soon get to see, and has had the idea of recording an album in his head for quite a while now.

Comedians creating music albums is not a new concept by any means – guys like Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy did it back in the 80s/90s, with some of their works even getting platinum certified. However, Gordon is his own man, with his own style – a style we’ve never seen before, and, as a result, he’s bound to create a brilliant album with plenty of laughs to be had. Judging by his works on social media, and in venues, it’ll hopefully be pretty successful too, resulting in more music coming in the future.

Pre-save ‘Planet of the Bass’ here and watch the album’s teaser trailer down below.

Kyle Gordon is Great - Album Sizzle Reel

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