Chance The Rapper Sells Out Barclays Centre

Commemorating the tenth anniversary of his groundbreaking landmark release, ‘Acid Rap’, Chance the Rapper sold out Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre in an incredible performance alongside stars like Joey Bada$$ and Vic Mensa that left fans across New York City stunned. Following an event of similar magnitude at his home city of Chicago’s United Centre some nights before, Chance defied expectations once again in another show for the ages.

Before Chancelor Bennett shortened his name to Chance and took up rapping, the Chicago rapper already had a much more eventful life than others his age, and he had already met former U.S. President Barack Obama before turning 18, whom he discussed the prospects of a rap career with. Eventually, Bennett took to recording music in the early 2010s, and released his debut mixtape ‘10 Days’ in April 2012 as Chance the Rapper. The release received high praise, and prompted Chance to release a follow-up, ‘Acid Rap’, a year later, which would become his most universally acclaimed release to this day. There is still demand for Chance to perform ‘Acid Rap’ in concerts to this day – demand that has been fulfilled ten years later.

Alongside aforementioned blockbuster rappers Joey Bada$$ and Vic Mensa, Chance has headlined shows all across the United States through the last month. Delivering consecutive performances of a lifetime to sold-out crowds, Chance hasn’t wasted a breath in performing the cult classic mixtape, and will continue to perform at his highest level yet all the way up until September 21st, when the tour completes at Los Angeles’s Kia Forum, formerly home to the Los Angeles Kings and Lakers. Tickets are still available for the Kia Forum performance – check it out before it’s too late through the link below.

Buy tickets for the Kia Forum performance here.

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