BLACKPINK Release First Song Since Chart-Breaking Album ‘Born Pink’

Today, South Korean k-pop girl group BLACKPINK released their first song of 2023 so far – the hypnotic new single, titled ‘The Girls’. Following up the critical acclaim and success of ‘Born Pink’ would be a near-impossible task for anyone else, but if there’s any group that makes the impossible possible, then BLACKPINK fit that definition perfectly. The new single demonstrates exactly what’s made the group so successful over the past few years.

The history of one of Seoul’s most vibrant girl groups dates all the way back to the early 2010s, nearly a decade before the group’s first album release. The idea for BLACKPINK was first revealed to the general public in 2011, but they did not debut until August 2016, due to various factors pushing the date back. ‘Square One’, the group’s debut single, quickly gained notoriety, topping Korean charts, and following works became even more successful. Their 2020 full-length debut, ‘The Album’, released to critical acclaim and success worldwide, and the aforementioned 2022 follow up, ‘Born Pink’, was even more successful. BLACKPINK’s popularity is snowballing, and continues to do so with their latest release, ‘The Girls’.

The sub-three-minute release features BLACKPINK’s iconic hip hop-pop fusion style, with brilliant vocals from the entire lineup. If you listened to the song blind, you wouldn’t be able to tell English is the group’s second language – it’s nearly become second nature to them. Backed by energetic, pumped-up instrumentation, the lyrics and beats mix together perfectly, creating an awesome mix for anyone to enjoy. BLACKPINK have broken the record books, and will continue to do so tomorrow, when they wrap up their final tour date at Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles. After that, more music is yet to come.

Watch the music video for ‘The Girls’ through the link here.

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