ABC Announce Extra Tour Dates For ‘The Lexicon Of Love’ Tour

Due to the tour’s popularity, where dozens of venues have sold out already, English pop band ABC are announcing extra tour dates for their ‘The Lexicon Of Love’ 40th anniversary tour. The legendary group have been performing their debut album in international venues since last June, commemorating its 40th anniversary since its release in June 1982, and still continue to sell out venues nearly a half century after their formation.

ABC didn’t start as ABC – they are rooted in Sheffield electronic group Vice Versa, with 2 of the 3 founding members of ABC, Mark White and Steven Singleton, formerly being part of the band. The third founding member, Martin Fry, joined them shortly after holding an interview with Vice Versa and joining them as a synth player. In September 1980, the trio held their last performance as Vice Versa, after which they split off to form ABC. They started work on their debut album, ‘The Lexicon Of Love’, shortly after, which released in June 1982, topping UK charts and becoming one of the most iconic albums of the 80s; so iconic that, even 40 years later, crowds are still filling out venues to see the legendary ABC.

The tour first came to fruition in 2009, and had been in the works between then and June 2022, when it finally launched. Despite Fry being the only official member remaining in the band, the rest of the group still came to play, creating a performance for the ages that sold out all their venues across the tour, and pushed demand for remaining tour tickets even higher. Now, the group have announced more venues for their legendary performance, going through to 2024 and touring multiple cities, including their home of Sheffield, to show the kind of performance you’d never want to miss.

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