Singer Liam Benayon Releases New Single ‘Don’t Call Me At A Party’

Last week, Liam Benayon released his Wax Records debut track, ‘Don’t Call Me At A Party’. The song conveys his frustration with a friend for going out partying without even considering to invite him. One of the singer’s first released songs, it serves as a diss track of sorts, aimed towards the former friend, and even features the voicemail that became the reason behind Benayon writing the song.

The Toronto-based artist has been performing around the city for over a year now, drawing fans from all over Toronto and surrounding towns. This gave Benayon plenty of experience and helped raise his confidence while up on stage. Now, he’s making his label debut on Wax Records after being unsigned for some time, where he’s released his first of many songs to come – ‘Don’t Call Me At A Party’. Benayon details parts of his music composition process on his YouTube channel, but with a different song, ‘Subway Sunsets’.

The song itself is an energetic jam that makes use of hard-hitting 808s and synthesisers to create a perfect accompanying track to Benayon’s passionate vocals, as he details the events that caused a fissure between him and his former best friend, Jackie. He wrote the song while still feeling anger about the events, which shows in the lyrics – an intense diss track towards the former friend. Benayon has great songwriting skills – soon he’ll be able to show them off to the world by working with Wax Records to hopefully release more great songs like this.

Stream and download ‘Don’t Call Me At A Party’ here.

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