Ryan Terrigno Releases Emotive Track, ‘I Can Still Break Your Heart’, The Follow Up To ‘Get Lost’

Out today, ‘I Can Still Break Your Heart’ is the new single from Ryan Terrigno. The song is the follow up to ‘Get Lost‘, which was released by the Anaheim California artist back in May.

Ryan Terrigno’s stock in trade seems to be love songs with a twist, but he’s brilliant at it, so why not! Once more we pause to ask why he didn’t start releasing solo material well before this year, but again, we’re grateful that he has.

The opening line of “I feel like I’m running on empty / But the price of gasoline keeps going up” is just delightful; and it doesn’t stop there as he goes on in detail about how much the love of, and his love for his wife, means to him – it’s slightly sinister in parts (he can still break her heart into a million pieces and he’s scared of the fact), but it’s incredibly heartfelt, and comes from that place of deep seated love.

Guitars (including a gorgeous slide guitar) and a strident beat are the main supports of Terrigno’s lead vocals, while backing vocals are supplied by Amber Bollinger. Ryan has called in his SoCal musical contacts once more, and the track was produced by Alex Dezen, of Broken Baby fame, who also produced ‘Get Lost’.

‘I Can Still Break Your Heart’ is out now and you can find out all you need to know about Ryan Terrigno and his music online on Linktree.

Listen to ‘I Can Still Break Your Heart’ on Spotify.

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