R&B Singer Sofija Releases Video For ‘Guy In The Movies’

A week ago, on June 30th, Sofija released a music video to accompany her single ‘Guy In The Movies’. The single (and accompanying video) has performed well in the Los Angeles indie scene, and its surrounding towns. The song was originally released in late April, but got a re-release with the video. In the song/video, Sofija details the rough feelings and experiences she went through while dealing with a break-up.

The 22-year old artist has a wide range of influences that inspired her to make R&B. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she took inspiration from artists such as Kehlani and NIKI to create her own variation of R&B sound. Now, she seeks to inspire other young artists like herself to make their own music too, while delivering a positive message through her words and creating a great listening experience for her fans.

In ‘Guy In The Movies’, Sofija likens her broken relationship with someone to a love story in a movie, realising over time that the relationship wasn’t meant to be, and that it would’ve never been perfect; coming to terms with the break-up and accepting it. She describes the break-up as ‘taking the guy out of her movie’ and becoming the star of the screen, taking control of her life. The song and video mesh together perfectly to express Sofija’s feelings, and leave you wanting to hear more – and more will be heard, as the best of her music is yet to come.

Listen to, and watch, the music video for ‘Guy In The Movies’ here:

Sofija - Guy In The Movies (Official Video)

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