Multi-Platinum Rapper NF Launches 31-City ‘Hope’ Tour

Earlier this week, on July 12th, multi-platinum rapper Nathan Feuerstein, better known in the industry by his initials, NF, kicked off his 31-city tour across America to promote his latest studio album, titled ‘Hope’. The first show, at Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio, sold out within a couple hours, and other shows have already sold out at similar rates. The two-time chart-topping artist has already gained notability for his quick vocal delivery and great hip hop beats, which he seeks to expand upon with his tour across America.

Originating from Gladwin, Michigan, NF first started rapping when he was young, using a karaoke machine to record his voice. He has cited Eminem as his primary influence, stating that ‘he was all I listened to’ at one point. His first album, ‘Moments’, was released in late 2010, when he was just 19 years old. Since then, he has been signed to Capitol Records, releasing all but one of his albums (‘The Search’) with the label, and his music has not only been received with great critical acclaim, but has also been incredibly commercially successful, with ‘Perception’ and ‘The Search’ reaching number 1 on Billboard, and his latest album, ‘Hope’, reaching number 2 (so far). Now, he seeks to further promote ‘Hope’ by touring across most of North America.

NF’s music is pure hip hop at its core, with some influence from his Christian virtues. Most of his music discusses hard-hitting topics and problems he faced not only in his youth, but adulthood as well, and how he dealt with them. His latest work, ‘Hope’, is some of his most personal yet, with themes of self-doubt scattered within the lines. Even without looking into the themes presented in the album, instead taking the music at face value, it’s a brilliant album – the music is arguably his best work yet, and only seems to get better as you delve further into the album. Overall, NF has outdone his previous work once again with ‘Hope’.

Find information and tickets for the tour here.

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