Metal Group Shepherds Reign Announce Latest Album, ‘Ala Mai’

Yesterday, the Polynesian metal outfit Shepherds Reign announced the release date of their latest work, an album titled ‘Ala Mai’ – releasing on the 25th of August on Golden Robot Records. Alongside the album release date, the first single, ‘Nafanua’, was also stated to be releasing on the 4th of August, and a set of five New Zealand tour dates were also included in the group’s big announcement.

Shepherds Reign are not an ordinary heavy metal group by any means. Formed nearly a decade ago, in 2015, the group started off covering classic songs, before branching out and starting to create their own music some time later. The group quickly became well known for their unique approach to heavy metal, embodying themes within their music that other bands seemed to avoid; family, life, culture, etc. They also display their Polynesian heritage and culture in their music, which has gained them a great deal of popularity with the Polynesian population of Oceania/Polynesia, with their music getting millions of streams on major DSPs. The group now seek to show their culture to the world with the release of ‘Ala Mai’ and its accompanying tour, which they embark on later this year.

The group’s previous releases have been of very high quality, and it’s safe to assume that their latest work, ‘Ala Mai’, will be as good or even better than what’s already out – which means it’ll be an incredible listening experience. Even if you’re not familiar with Polynesian culture, you’ll be able to empathise with the themes in Shepherds Reign’s music, and enjoy the great music they’ve made, starting with ‘Nafanua’, which is the earliest available song on the album, releasing 4/8/2023. Enjoy the music when it comes out, because this is undoubtedly the group’s piece de resistance.

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