Kylie Minogue And Jax Jones Collaborate On ‘Padam Padam’ Hit Remix

Just a month and a half ago, on the 18th of May, Kylie Minogue released ‘Padam Padam‘ on BMG, with the song being her best selling single of this decade and a hit across the world. Now, the Australian sensation’s following it up by collaborating with English producer Jax Jones to release an energetic remix of the song – one that, despite only being out for a week, has already made its mark. The song has performed incredibly well since May, keeping the #1 spot on the UK Big Top 40 chart for 5 weeks – proving that the Princess of Pop is still on top.

Originally from Melbourne, Victoria, the Grammy-winning artist rose to prominence as a star in the dance music scene, with a handful of top 10 charting singles in not only her home of Australia, but the United Kingdom as well. Originally, she was one of Australia’s most famous actors, best known for playing Charlene Mitchell in ‘Neighbours’, but jumped into the world of music with her 1988 debut album, titled ‘Kylie’, becoming the best-selling album by a female artist of the 1980s, and 5th-highest overall. Over her career, she’s influenced world-famous artists like Lady Gaga and others, and 3 and a half decades later, Kylie is still breaking the charts – proving just how timeless she is.

The song (and the original’s accompanying video) itself is a masterclass to witness. Minogue and Jones took an eclectic approach to producing the remix, drawing upon multiple different styles of music such as dance-pop, electro and techno-pop. The vivid, thumping instrumentation is accompanied by an infectious chorus that you can’t help but dance along to, with Minogue’s delivery making it even more catchy of a tune than any other singer could. Minogue and Jones’ unique approaches to producing this song helped create a catchy dance hit that, like her other music, will be remembered for years to come.

Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam (Jax Jones Remix) (Official Audio)

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