Teach Your Children Well: We Speak To Lavon Coates About His Music, Inspirations, And New Single, ‘Raise Her Right’

Following on from our review of Lavon Coates’ new single and video, ‘Raise Her Right‘, we bring to you a chat with had with the artist himself.

Thank you for speaking to us today! What’s the Lavon Coates story? How did you get into country music?

I’m just a small town boy that works an everyday job like everyone else. I’ve always loved music and singing. It has always been a dream of mine to be a country singer, I just never made that step to do it.

The video for your single, ‘Raise Her Right’ is really emotional! Tell us about the dream the song is based on.

I woke up at 230am one morning with the chorus of this song in my head so I got up and wrote it down then went back to bed. 5am the same morning, I got up, got dressed for work, and the melody for this song popped in my head. I went to work and wrote the first verse and finished the song the next day. I honestly believe my daddy sent me that chorus and melody to the song. So he helped me write it from heaven and the entire world needs to hear it.

Family is clearly important to you. What do you think are the greatest things a parent can do to ensure they raise their children right?

Teach them right from wrong. Give them all the love you can and most importantly let them know who their heavenly father is.

We know that ‘Raise Her Right’ is based on a dream, but is that how most of your songs are written? What inspires you to write, and what is the songwriting process?

The songs mainly just hit me. Once you get started, everything just falls into place.

Who inspires you in your every day life?

My little girl, of course.

Do you have a particular brand of guitar you like to play, and if so why did you choose that one?

I have a guild guitar that was a gift from my daddy. I’ll play it forever.

What’s next for Lavon Coates? What can fans expect?

More great songs of course, and hopefully some live shows sooner than later.

Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what’s the answer to that question?

Why didn’t you try to be an artist sooner??? Answer– as a younger man, being an artist was always a fantasy of mine. Going to work everyday, coming home hunting and fishing – that was me. Even though getting on stage and singing for thousands of people was always in the back of my mind.

You can watch the music video for ‘Raise Her Right’ below, and find out more about Lavon Coates and his music online on Facebook.

Lavon Coates - Raise Her Right (Official Music Video)

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