NYA Lets Us Know, ‘I’ll Be Ok’ With Hard Hitting Pop Single

We’ve been writing about Nya almost from the very start of Essentially Pop. Way back in September 2017 we wrote about her single, ‘Let Go‘. Over the years we’ve both changed and grown, and nowadays Nya is permanently based in Uruguay, where she’s made the music video for her new single, ‘I’ll Be Ok’.

Nya has been consistently throughout her career been writing and recording singles that have found their way into the top 20 of Billboard’s Adult Contemporary charts, and she’s not going to stop doing that any time soon. Latest single, ‘I’ll Be Ok’ sees Nya and her incredible vocals embrace her unique identity – that of her Puerto Rican heritage, and the surroundings of her adopted homeland of Uruguay. Not only that, but she’s now opening up on the struggles she’s experienced, using her music to ask questions about identity, and to declare her personal triumphs, all while shining out with authenticity and a whole lot of heart. Nya will be releasing her first full-length album later this year, and we can guarantee it’s one you should be looking out for.

‘I’ll Be Ok’ is a touching and beautiful confessional song about Nya’s personal struggles with depression. Taken from her new EP, ‘Side Effects’, it’s just one of a series of songs that deals with feelings she’s felt compelled to hide. Speaking about the EP, Nya said,

“All the songs talk about feelings we, as a society, are often taught to repress and hide. And in that repression, there is so much pain and loneliness. I had one main goal when I began to shape this body of work: catharsis—first, for me in the writing process and then, hopefully for the listener.”

All the tracks are heartfelt, but ‘I’ll Be Ok’ in particular stands out like a diary entry on her own dealings with depression, as well as her ability to stand up to it. With a guitar instrumental augmented by a ratcheting rhythm, Nya tells her struggle, not just by way of words, but also through the beats and melodies.

The music video for ‘I’ll Be Ok’ finds Nya in her new hometown of José Ignacio, Uruguay. We follow her as she goes to the library and the beach, the forests, and the wide open landscapes, all shot to look like nostalgic 90s grain video footage. It’s clear that Nya has found peace in Uruguay, and while the mental struggles might still remain, she’s making it known that she’s found peace.

Watch the music video for ‘I’ll Be Ok’ below and find out more about Nya and her music online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Nya - "I'll Be Ok" (Official Music Video)

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