Codefendants Show That You Can Never Slow A Punk Down With Video For New Song, ‘Def Cons’

You can never slow a punk down, just ask Michael “Fat Mike” Burkett.

Not content with sitting back and enjoying life after his massively influential punk rock band NOFX finishes their final tour this year, he’s rounded up a new band, Codefenants. Comprising, as well as Mike, Get Dead lead vocalist Sam King, and alternative hip-hop artist Ceschi Ramos, they are fun, audacious, unprecedented, and incredibly entertaining. Their sound, which they’re describing as “crime wave”, is mostly genre-fluid, and takes inspiration from rap, reggae, Latin pop and flamenco, folk, spy and cop movie soundtrack music, and even mainstream rock. The new band’s single, ‘Def Cons’ could certainly fit on the soundtrack for a film with a car chase or a heist, that’s for sure!

‘Def Cons’ is just the latest in a series powerful singles from Codefendants, establishing them as both creative and audacious. Following on from the exotically named ‘Suicide By Pigs’, and ‘Abscessed’, ‘Def Cons’ is also an amalgam of stinging rhymes, ferocious guitar, beats, and truthful lyrics, alongside some of the most incredible hooks you’ll ever encounter – on a punk song or elsewhere.

The video for ‘Def Cons’ continues a story that started on the clip for ‘Abscessed’. It’s a crisply shot and horrifically explicit crime drama, one with pills, PIs, and prison scenes. There’s clips of courtrooms, cars, and corrupt cops, and that’s all the alliteration we’ve got time for. The backstory has already been covered in the other videos, but it’s not necessary to see those to fully embrace the one for ‘Def Cons’ and feel the thrill of it. So get in with us, buckle your seatbelt, and get ready for a wild ride.

Watch the music video for ‘Def Cons’ on YouTube here, and find out more about Codefendants and their music online on their official website, Instagram, and TikTok.

Codefendants - Def Cons (Official Music Video) Episode 4

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