Nolen Sellwood Doesn’t Think He’s Worthy ‘To Be Saved’ But We Disagree

‘To Be Saved’ is the new single from Nolen Sellwood, from his upcoming debut album, ‘Otherwise’. The artist, from Prior Lake, Minnesota, might still be in high school but age is clearly no barrier to talent.

Nolen started learning guitar at 15, having lessons from his high school art teacher. The following year he started writing his own music, and now, he’s about to release his debut LP. Early in 2021 he turned up at the studio of producer John Wright. He didn’t even have a case for the guitars he was carrying, but an initial meeting was arranged so he could demonstrate his songs and vision, ahead of his plan to make a short “indie” album. All it took to convince John was for Nolen to play one song – Wright urged him to play more of his original tunes. With clear inspiration from Nick Drake, Nolen’s music revealed him to be no ordinary teenager, leading Wright to say, “How an 18 year old from Prior Lake, Minnesota managed to channel that type of creativity and make it his own is incredible.”

Listening to ‘To Be Saved’, you’re aurally transported back to another time. Life is peaceful, trouble-free. Close your eyes and float away, let all the stress ebb from you.

Like John Wright, we are astounded that this is coming from someone so young. Nolen’s vocals are soft and light, but strong against the instrumental arrangement of guitar, percussion, and keys. He’s certainly someone we will be keeping an eye (and an ear) on. He’s an old soul, and besides Nick Drake, we’re reminded of the likes of Donovan, and even early David Bowie, and Marc Bolan. Beautiful. A talent we’ve not seen in a long time.

‘To Be Saved’ is out now. ‘Otherwise’ is set for release on February 3, through New Folk Records, and can be pre-ordered here. Find out more about Nolen Sellwood and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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