Essentially Pop Gets To Chat With Sacha Puttnam Who Is To Release ‘Spirit Of Cinema’ On November 6th

I’m a self confessed lover of soundtrack music. The first vinyl I ever bought was the soundtrack from ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ and ‘For A Few Dollars More’ by Ennio Morricone. That led to ‘Great Western Film Themes Collection’, and ‘ The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’, and I was hooked. These days I have over 150 soundtracks on vinyl and a majority of these are Morricone. So, when I got the chance to chat with Sacha Puttnam: classical musician, soundtrack composer and rock keyboard playing son of legendary movie producer Lord David Puttnam, it’s hard to underestimate my excitement. Add to that the fact that he is just about to release a stunning collection of reimagined soundtrack music from some of his father’s greatest films, which unsurprisingly number among some of the greatest films ever, and you may still underestimate.

Jim Clements’ Releases New Track ‘The Comet I Was Waiting For’ From Fourth Album ‘A Failure’

Jim Clements’ voice sounds to us like a cross between Donovan and Marc Bolan, with their lyrical abilities crossed with Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, and Leonard Cohen. In the ultimate sense of the word, Clements is a songwriter’s songwriter – we’re not listening for his voice, which is still quite appealing – but we’re hanging onto his every word as it drops from his lips.