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It’s Not Over Till It’s Over: Jim Jacobs Talks To Us About New Single, ‘Over For Good’, Country Music, George Jones, And Doing The Things He Loves

We were deeply moved by Jim Jacob’s single, ‘Over For Good’, and we were equally stunned that it was his debut single. Jim has blessed us by taking some time out of his day to answer some questions for us. We hope you enjoy our chat with Jim.

Thanks for speaking to us today! I’ve just been listening to ‘Over For Good’. It’s a harrowing story, and I hope some listeners get comfort in knowing they’re not alone when it comes to having to deal with alcoholic partners. Do you feel country music is uniquely placed for telling such stories, given the music format is set up for storytelling?

Thanks no problem at all! I feel traditional country music is the perfect genre to tell such a story as it’s always been a story telling genre. I’m glad to know there are other men out there who have gone through this with their partners. For the longest time I thought I was the only one and went a long time without anyone to talk to about it.  Just since I’ve released the song I’ve had people tell me they’ve been through it as well and that brings me comfort knowing that they could share that with me and that I helped to let them know they were not alone. 

Even before I read your bio I heard the influence of George Jones in your sound. How inspirational is his music to you, and who else have you found inspires your work?

Aww thanks a lot for that! I’m glad you could hear that I was influenced by George Jones! It’s a really good feeling to know that. George has always been my favorite since As long as I can remember. I remember coming into my Nana’s house for lunch or supper after being in the field or the barn chores and hearing that Steel guitar and George’s voice. They just soothed my soul in every way. Whether It was a happy song or a sad song, it was real and I could feel that in everything he sang. The harmony vocals that blended so well with his voice added to the already distinct sound. Along with George I have many inspirations that have also inspired me. Merle, Waylon, Conway, Johnny, Willie, Loretta , Dolly, Alabama, Buck Owens ya know all these legends that one can recognize by their first name. Also Alan Jackson, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, Hank Jr., Jamey Johnson George Strait and Chris Stapleton to name a few. 

On a personal level, who or what inspires you, and why?

On a personal level I’m inspired by my family, I was lucky to have my Dad, Uncle Frank, and Grampa in my life who all inspired me in many ways of being a hard working honest Man. I spent a lot of time at my Grampa’s farm since I was born. Having these influences in my life I learned how to do many trades, be a loving family man, change diapers, always lend a hand. Be creative So many things i could go on and on… my Mom was a Huge inspiration in everything! Family, work ethic, teaching skills, being kind, so many things again I could go on forever… my Brother and Sister and rest of the family. My kids and partner always keeping me inspired to do the best I can in whatever it may be. 

It’s wild to think that this is your debut single! What more do you have lined up for us, and what plans do you have for your music career?

Thanks! Yes the debut single and I’m glad it’s doing well. I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from folks that tell me they’re glad to hear the traditional country sound again 😊. I have plans to release a few more singles from the album also keeping with the traditional country sound that I love. I’m not sure what’s in store or where these songs will take me, all I know is that I came to Nashville to make Traditional Country Music and that’s exactly what I’ll continue to do! And if I can reach all the folks who still love the traditional country music and if they enjoy hearing it then that’s mission accomplished. I’m not worried about getting played on major radio as they don’t play much traditional country anymore these days anyway. There’s plenty of other avenues to be heard out there. 

You’ve moved from Ontario, Canada, to Nashville to follow your music dreams. What have been the greatest changes you’ve had to make in your life, and what advice do you have for anyone else looking to upheave their life to make their dreams come true?

Making the move to Nashville to pursue music can be different for everyone. I know I’ve seen some people here just a short couple years and have a major record out following the latest trends. My path has taken 20 years of hard life lessons and lots of learning along the way. (That’s another story) so yeah it’s different for everyone but either way however one goes about it just follow what your heart tells you and keep at it until you get there or you’ll be sitting there one day wondering if you ever could have done something with your music or with any goal for that matter. So to give advice would be just do your best with whatever your capable of until you reach your goal. Don’t ever give up! 

I’ve mentioned George Jones, but who else is in your top 5 go-to artists, and why? What songs do you find yourself playing over and over?

Ok so next to George Jones I’d have to say that it’s be hard to narrow it down to just 5 but to answer the question I’d have to say Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Jamey Johnson, Sturgil  Simpson, Tyler Childers are who I listen to the most. I rarely listen to major fm radio country stations as I can never find a song that my ears like to hear. And not only that but it’s the same 10 songs on the radio all day. So to hear these fellas I go to Apple Music or outlaw and willies roadhouse, prime and Shooter Jennings show on the Sirius XM. I find I’m always searching for other artists with similar styles and occasionally find someone new to listen to. 

Do you have a favourite brand of instrument to play?

My favorite brand of instrument is the Fender Telecaster. I just love the sound of it in all my heroes’ songs over the years. It has a very unique sound that’s made traditional country what it is.

Given this is your debut single, I would imagine you’ve not had many interviews yet, but what would be your dream question for someone to ask? And what’s the answer to that question?

Yeah these interviews are quite new to me for sure but I enjoy answering all the different questions and I’m not sure what would be a dream question to ask as far as interviews go but if I were to come up with one it would be one I haven’t been asked yet and that would be  “Tell me about times in your life where you felt or took as a sign that you were on the right path to doing what you love” .

My answer would be that I noticed a few times over the years that there was a few times that I played a song and brought tears to a grown mans eyes. That to me meant so much because that’s how my influences have made me feel at times. They could always reach the heart of their listeners and I felt that I had reached someone the same way. Either that or he thought I was terrible and I made him cry lol. 

Another would be something that has stood out in the back of my mind for years and that is the year that I moved to Nashville was 2002 and I remember at my first apartment waking up in the middle of the night as to feeling like someone sat at the end of the bed. Also having a dream about being at a jobsite as I was working construction still at the time. And in this dream an old pickup pulled up to the site just like it was some old friends stopping by for a beer or something. As I went over to say hello I noticed it was Waylon Jennings and Hank Jr both having a beverage and a smoke saying “ bout time you got here” and that’s all I remember. It was as if they were just some old friends and not really who they are if ya know what I mean as things sometimes are in a dream. I’ve had that in my mind for years and I believe it was a sign because a few years later I met my producer Mr Robby Turner through a mutual friend at work Mr Bob Cloyd. I soon became friends with Robby and learned of his long time career playing steel guitar with Waylon and many others. Hearing all of his stories of working with all the legends of Country Music has been some of my best experiences of Nashville getting to hear first hand of all their adventures and laughs on the road. I’m truly blessed to have Robby as my friend in Music City. His knowledge of Traditional Country Music is Impeccable and he gets the sound I love and has made it happen with his playing and other studio musician legends playing on the album.

‘Over For Good’ is out now, and you can watch the music video below. Let us know in the comments what you think. You can find out more about Jim Jacobs and keep up with his music online on his official website.

Over For Good

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