NEW VINYL: Sarah Reeves ‘More The Merrier’

Be ahead of the game. Your neighbors may have already put the Christmas lights up, but the chaos has not commenced properly. Getting your Christmas shopping done early is the one thing you can do for your sanity.

Something everyone will get to enjoy is a new record. Pop artist and songwriter Sarah Reeves releases her Christmas album ‘More The Merrier’ on 12″ Vinyl. This heartwarming Christmas collection will bring the holiday charm with the unmistakable classics by Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and Vince Guaraldi Trio into your living room.

Once you hear Sarah Reeves’ voice, you will understand her smooth vocals are destined to bring people closer over the Holidays. Being a Christmas lover herself, Reeves shares three original tracks, ‘More The Merrier,’ ‘Sentimental’ and ‘Snow Globe.’

There is nothing like good old Christmas music to slow down the often chaotic, stressed-filled day. With a new ‘More The Merrier’ Vinyl playing on your record player in the background, you are bound to cherish the special moments and enjoy a festive sing-along.

You can buy ‘More The Merrier’ on 12″ Vinyl here.

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