Gabriela Puts On A Show With New Pop Single, ‘Most Wanted’

Gabriela isn’t afraid to go over the top with her new single, ‘Most Wanted’. Heavy pounding drums, squealing six strings, and lyrics about emotions, written in language that is colourful as it’s bold. Add to all of that a voice that’s possibly one of the biggest in the business, and Gabriela shows what she’s made of.

Performing with confidence and skill of the consummate professional she is, Gabriela, who sings with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, is a specialist when it comes to knowing what makes for a spectacular performance. With ‘Most Wanted’, a song which fits perfectly between pop-punk and 80s glam rock, Gabriela pushes harder and higher in every line that she sings.

The music video for ‘Most Wanted’ adds to all the excitement Gabriela’s vocals bring. Nuno Bettencourt, who will be known to many as Rihanna’s guitarist, as well as a member of hard rock band Extreme, co-directs the clip with his partner Rene Regal, and together they transport Gabriela back to the era of garage-rock bands, with their attendant brash attitudes.

And like the best garage-rock, the video is shot in a garage, and everything is vintage. Gabriela and her band are playing vintage musical instruments and amplifiers, and they’re dressed the part as well, with Gabriela wearing clips in her hair, sparkling eyeshadow, and a Bratz dolls t-shirt. Her band rolls up on “chopper” lo-rise bicycles, and her posse cheer her on from the side, seated on boxes, with ancient beach chairs hanging on the wall behind them.

But it’s all an imitation; the street is modern, and the car that brings in Gabriela’s friends is too. It’s clear that they’ve made the decision to take the best and most colourful of those things in the past and have given them a new lease on life.

Watch the video for ‘Most Wanted’ below, and find out more about Gabriela and her music online on Atlantis Entertainment’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Gabriela - Most Wanted (Official)

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