Pistols At Dawn Assure Us That ‘The Truth’ Will Knock Us Over With Their Latest Rock Single

The truth will set you free – and sometimes it will knock you over. ‘The Truth’ is also the name of the new single from Atlanta hard rock band, Pistols At Dawn, and the song hits like a ray of light breaking through the clouds.

We all crave the truth, even though we know that it often hurts. Pistols At Dawn know this too, and share a wholly relatable song with lean and muscular guitars, a driving rhythm section, and a straightforward and catchy melody. ‘The Truth’ sounds every bit like a rock classic, but it’s as brand new as it comes. This is quite likely down to the fact that the song is tight, tough, economical and with purpose – not one word or note is there without a good reason to be.

‘The Truth’ serves as a statement of intent in Pistols At Dawn’s upcoming album, ‘Ascension’. Recorded with Grammy winner Sylvia Massy, known for her work with Tool, System Of A Down, and Johnny Cash, the record sees the band introduce their new vocalist, Cris Hodges, whose voice is a great match to the group’s sonic fury. With all four members of the band accomplished musicians who are totally committed to their style and message, ‘The Truth’ takes the musical and lyrical ideas established in their 2021 singles, ‘Voices’, ‘All You Offer’, and ‘Gone Black’ and shows that Pistols At Dawn are no-nonsense, hard hitting rock stars to be reckoned with.

The music video for ‘The Truth’, directed by Michael Mueller, takes the song’s themes and amplifies them onto the screen. The band are seen in the desert, rocking out with all the intensity of a stage performance. Behind the group a sandstorm is brewing, and the whole earth seems unsettled. Billowing clouds of dust and tiny particles get closer as the band performs each line of the song. The clip serves as a striking visual metaphor for the truth we cannot escape, no matter how much we try to evade it.

You can watch the video for ‘The Truth’ below, and check out Pistols At Dawn online on their official website, Facebook, and Instagram. Stream and download ‘The Truth’ here.

Pistols At Dawn - The Truth (Official Music Video)

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