lotusbliss Are Back With A Brilliant New Single, ‘Nightshade’, The First Single From Their Eagerly Anticipated EP, ‘An Aching Sea’, Which Releases Early September.

Back in 2020, we wrote about this exciting band from Kent comprising three brothers Seth, Josh and Adam as they released music from their EP ‘A Good Death is a Beautiful Thing’ which went on to be widely acclaimed as a triumph. Their sibling harmonies combined with their pulsating production creates a wonderfully ambient soundscape. Having formed in 2018, the band have been producing music that for me seems to sound more and more accomplished; no mean feat when their debut releases were so good. At Essentially PoP, we were hugely excited then and with this single release we can barely contain ourselves. I’m told fans of The Foals or The War on Drugs will love the new music from lotusbliss but for me they remind me of one of my favourite bands, Sea Girls with their ability to combine a driving sound with infectious melodies. 

Released on 22nd July, the track is all about the effects of being involved with someone or something that will ultimately be unhealthy for you. Ingesting just two to four berries of deadly nightshade can kill a human child whilst ten to twenty berries can kill an adult; however, the solanaceae group of plants also include nutritious vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. So what’s in a name? How can we know what’s good for us? Do we want them in our life or not? Atropos was a Greek goddess who as one of the three Moirai held the fate lines of every human; intriguing that her Roman counterpart was Morta, which gave rise to our word mortal and mortality.

The band say of the song:

“it’s about being involved with something or someone that is unhealthy, though the unhealthy nature is not immediately visible. Like solanine (the potentially poisonous element of nightshade plants), in small doses it’s too subtle to notice; the corrupting force goes undetected. In larger quantities, though, it can be all consuming and fatal. Like the infamous Deadly Nightshade flower. It’s scientific name, Atropa Belladonna, comes from Greek mythology- Atropos has the thread of your life in her hands and is poised to cut it”

This band of brothers create music that gets inside your head but they write songs with lyrics that make you think. Notwithstanding the scuzzy synth and guitar sound they create, they also create an atmospheric soundscape that perfectly complements their stunning harmonies which lie at the core of their sound; their lifetime of making music together creates something truly special. 

Having played a brilliant set earlier this year at the Notting Hill Arts Club, I can’t wait to see them play their new music and hope to see them on the road. Listen to the track, watch the video and follow their socials to stay in touch and remember a stream or download will keep the music you love alive.

Stream ‘Nightshade’ on Spotify. You can find out more about lotusbliss online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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