I Am Legend Is On Top Of The World As He Tells Us Who Is Most Inspiring To Him, His Name Origin Story, And Where He Records His Music

I Am Legend is a man who is on top of the world; it’s not just the name of his latest single, but it’s also a reflection of his own state of mind, and when we heard his song we knew we needed to talk to the man himself. Join us as we learn a bit about this man who has given himself the ultimate in mood lifting stage names.

We’ve listened to your new single, ‘Top Of The World’ and we loved it! We noticed that you have referred to two James Brown songs in your lyrics – ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’ and ‘It’s A Man’s World’ – would you consider James Brown to be an influence on your sound, and if so, in what way?

First let me say thank you for this opportunity to be interviewed by you. Also Thank you for loving the song as well. Now for the James Brown question, he has influenced so many artist and the sound of music itself. But yes James Brown, Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars were big influences for ‘Top Of The World’.

Your Mother has always supported your dreams – what do you think you’d have done if she hadn’t recognised your talent? Do you think that you’d have gone into music regardless?

Yes my mother was very supportive of me singing, but not too much on the rapping part, lol! If she didn’t recognize the gift God blessed me with I know for a fact I still would’ve been doing music. When the music bug bites you and it’s In your blood you can’t run from what God designed you to do! You can try but who and what you are, will always come back around. There is no hiding from your design.

Talk us through the choice to call yourself I Am Legend.

I’ve had so many artist names! Something about creatives which is kind of weird and funny. We have multiple personalities. Major artist self conflict. But mine was inspired by the movie starring Will Smith, “I AM LEGEND”. I just liked the fact that he was the last man standing and he had to find a way to fix what he caused. It reminded of myself. I caused myself not to take music seriously, so I musically broke myself. So I said to myself “self” myself replied “yeah”! “We need to fix this.” So I’m fixing it. 

Who  are the top 3 artists on your playlist, and why are they there?

Who’s on my playlist, hmmm! The Weeknd, Post Malone, &  Billie Eilish. They’re very unique in their own way. All of them have been broken crayons but colour beautiful pictures with their music.

We’re thankfully coming out the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic. What lessons did you learn from the 2 years of isolation that you’ll take with you into “normal” life?

That my family really gets on my nerves lol! But seriously though I learned that it was pretty relaxing, If that makes any sense. Like when I went outside life wasn’t so cluttered and there wasn’t so much noise where you couldn’t hear yourself think! I learn that silence is golden and to appreciate life. 

What’s next for I Am Legend? What can fans expect?

What’s next? Simple. Be on Top Of The World! Secure a reasonable music contract. Get my mother in the house she always wanted. Start a non-profit foundation for Multiple Sclerosis. And whatever else I’m blessed to do. For the fans, they can expect me to give the best of me in any area I chose to set up to. I love my fans well my legendary fans to the core. The music that I make is our soundtrack for us to enjoy.

Finally, and I ask this question of everyone I interview – what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?

That would be “Where do I record your music at”. And the answer to that’s is in the comfort of my home. The microphone is in a padded closet and everything else is on computer desk against the wall. There’s no better feeling to wake up and record when want and take as long you want. Because at this moment, I’m releasing 22 songs in 22 weeks.

‘Top Of The World’ is out now. Follow I Am Legend online on FacebookInstagram, and TikTok.

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