NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: Maddox Jones Shares The News Of An Upcoming Garden Tour

With the temperature rising, people nationwide reach for their picnic baskets and let the bbq smell get around the whole neighbourhood. Taking advantage of the upcoming sunny season, singer/songwriter Maddox Jones announces an upcoming garden tour.

It seems like a pretty genius idea, doesn’t it? Following the release of his solo debut album ‘Believe It,’ Jones embarks on tour a slight unconventional. Filling up spots on his calendar, Maddox Jones aims to perform at his fans’ houses across the country.

As of now, Jones is set to stop in Essex, Stockport, at a wedding pre-party in Wales, at a brain injury rehab unit in Northampton, Whistable, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth, and two more dates in Northampton.

Establishing his name in the industry as a solo artist, Maddox Jones is full of excitement. He is eager to perform his vulnerable self-exploratory project ‘Believe It,’ including singles ‘Ready To be Better,’ ‘Magic,’ and other bangers.

Keep an eye out for Maddox Jones and his garden tour, starting at the end of June.


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