‘All About Us’ Hitmaker Allegra Releases Her Whirlwind ‘My Last 48h’ Vlog

Off the back of a successful Billboard and Music Week chart topping single and a string of stunning cover songs including a collaboration with renowned music YouTuber Kurt Hugo Schneider, now singer Allegra has turned her hand to YouTube by releasing a series of video blogs.

Her latest installment in her vlogs titled ‘My Last 48h’ sees Allegra jetting off all over the world. The video starts off on an early note, with Allegra in Switzerland at 4.30am in the morning, where the star is seen to be heading back to London on her thrilling jet set lifestyle. Landing back in the UK, the vlog unfolds to see Allegra singing, catching up with freinds and doing all the hectic activities typical of a young recording artist in the music industry.

Having released her debut ‘All About Us’, keeping on top of her cover songs and currently teasing fans with many posts via social media, it seems Allegra has all the qualities to become the next big female pop singer. Watch out Anne Marie, here comes Allegra!

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