Prolific Artist STAR2 Tells Us To ‘Run Away’ With Latest Release

It seems barely a week goes by when we don’t have a new single to review from the very prolific STAR2. This week is no exception, with his latest release, ‘Run Away’.

STAR2 uses hip hop as therapy, to tell his story and express his feelings, his passion, and his inspirations. Having overcome hardships from a very young age, he has music to thank as his saviour, his safe haven, his refuge in all the chaos.

With new release ‘Run Away’, STAR2 gives his poetry full control, in a track that is dedicated to the reality of the social issues faced by the world today, and what lessons we can learn from them.

With poignancy, honesty, and good-hearted intentions, STAR2 gives his listeners a look into the struggles he himself has been through, tackling those difficult feelings and emotions that many of us can relate to all too well. The video for ‘Run Away’ might well shock the viewers, as it shows STAR2 watching the conflicts in the world, at first on TV, and then as he stands in front of a wall of screens. He understands the power of his platform, and doesn’t step back from the important issues, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Ukraine and Russia conflict. Graphic images – war, homelessness, poverty, refugees, police brutality – are all shown, as STAR2 expresses how a lot of us feel – that we just want to run away. But we can’t, and we need to stand up and say enough is enough.

‘Run Away’ is from STAR2’s upcoming EP, ‘Real Life’, which features contributions from Luh Kel, Lil Poppa, $tupid Young, and Soulja Boy. You can watch the video for ‘Run Away’ below. Find out more about STAR2 and his music online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Star2- Run Away (Official Music Video)

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