Meresha Speaks To Us About Alien Pop, The Video For Her New Single ‘Trouble’, And Reveals What Question She Wishes People Would Ask Her

We’ve written about Meresha’s music several times over the years – starting in 2016 with ‘My Love Has Come’ and, most recently, your single, ‘Red Headed Lover’ last year. Now we’ve had the chance to speak to the artist herself.

You came from Poland to the US when you were a child. Now you’re living in the melting pot that’s Miami. Is there still some Polish girl within, or are you now completely immersed in the American dream?

I just came back from two years in Europe. I spent most of Covid time there. Berlin, where I was based, is a great place, but it was mainly on lockdown during this period.

I guess the good thing is that I could continue writing and composing music there, including with others. The results include “Trouble” and other singles I have coming this year.

Still, it’s great to be in the US now. I just played my first live gig in a long time and have others planned. The vibe in Florida is fantastic these days. A lot is going on.

Your new single, ‘Trouble,’ comes with a cinematic music video that sees you literally looking for trouble under a bridge and ends with you riding an awesome trike. What’s your idea of trouble? How did you come up with the song and video concept – and where can I get one of those trikes??

I guess everyone has their definition of what kind of “Trouble” to look for. After two years of being careful and cooped up, many people feel a need to get out and let their wild side free. 

The video shoot was a lot of fun. I came up with the initial visual ideas and gave a framework for a story. David Rousseau directed. As on the other two videos I did with him for ‘New Revolution’ and ‘Enter the Dreamland’, he brought his impressive flair and ideas. The person I met under the bridge is his friend, and David also organized the golden tricycle, which I did not know about until the shoot day. It’s basically an antique. It took some work to get it to drive. At first, I had some issues getting it going. I like to shoot videos organically like this, where we improvise during the day. It keeps things fresh.

We’ve all been in trouble the past two years with the Covid-19 Pandemic, human rights issues, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the recent fuel crisis, just four things. What is your vision for the future, and how do you feel we can get ourselves out of this mess?

I was born in Warsaw, which is a few hours from Ukraine. I was in Ukraine for the European Football Championships, where Spain played Italy. Queen and Elton John were the entertainment ahead of the game. It’s hard to compare that world of fun and joy with what is happening now. In Florida, it feels like things are back to normal with Covid, but various negative things in the world still weigh on people. I’m hopeful that this too shall pass and that by the time the weather is good everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, people will be in good spirits again.

We’re loving your vocals in ‘Trouble’; you’ve given the song a pop edge while you’ve not been shy in using the power of your whole voice. Who are your inspirations vocally? And similarly, who have been your biggest inspirations musically?

I mentioned Queen. While the excellent Adam Lambert now sings lead, Freddie Mercury was the absolute boss. The way he could command a stadium was incredible. I’ve also covered Robert Plant many times and admire what Led Zeppelin did. Yebba is one of the current generation of artists that is doing amazing things. Her “Tiny Desk” performance is a must-see.

What’s next on the horizon for Meresha? New music, touring? Maybe films or tv?

 I have quite a few singles ready to release. I can’t wait to share them with the world. I’m doing this live also with my band. We’ve started the Trouble Tour in Florida and hope to go international with it eventually. As for films and TV, I have contact with many music supervisors that add music to picture. So that might be the first way I am featured. I’m open to acting, though. For example, I recently did some promo for a new Disney film.

Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what is your answer?

My music is called Alien Pop. Not sure anyone has checked if I am an Alien. I can’t disclose everything, but I can say that I often feel like I am from another planet. Thing is, I sort of think a lot of other people often feel the same way.

Read our review of ‘Trouble’ here, and find out more about this incredible artist online on her official websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok. Check out her Linktree to find out more about her music..

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