Francis Karel Releases ‘Like All My Friends’ And Channels His Inner Romanticism.

Francis Karel has been busy in the past few years and really hasn’t had the time for love but that hasn’t stopped him wondering what it would be like to be falling in love like all his friends. His ability to step into the mind-set of others is what has set this artist apart in the past and what has turned him into a viral success. He is able to take the turmoil we all feel and perfectly lyricize it; like a modern day Cyrano de Bergerac he can put feelings into words and make them accessible and like a modern day Christian we can immediately see how this young artist seems to have tapped into our soul and take his emotions and words as the narrative for our own lives.

Many people have compared his emotive production to Sam Smith or Adele but for me he is much closer to a personal hero of mine, the incomparable J P Cooper, and his piano heavy ballads with their stunning vocal ranges and heartfelt lyrics demand that people will soon stop comparing him to other artists and recognise him as a stunning talent in his own right. He pours his very soul into every lyric and it’s hard to believe that this wisdom is pouring from the pen of such a young singer, an artist who started out as a social media phenomenon.

Francis grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to Los Angeles with a one-way ticket and bringing just a suitcase. Like a real life Paddington Bear, musical fans have taken him to their hearts as he wonders what it might be like to fall in love. He says:

“Over the past few years, I’ve prioritised so many things above a romantic relationship…school, my career, moving to a new country. Whenever my friends have asked if I have anything going on in my love life. I’ve always just had a mentality of maybe someday, but I think this song represents me being surrounded by so many people I care about who are in love, and wondering what that feels like for the first time.”

This song will represent the artists first release of 2022 and follows on the heels of the critically acclaimed ‘I Don’t Like How Much I Love You’ and ‘You’re Too Close’ which premiered on the show of the influential and respected Zane Lowe and which accumulated over 6 million streams on Spotify. High profile Instagram fans include Meghan Trainor, Zedd, Tori Kelly and Bebe Rexha and it really feels like every new single is a step forward in progression and development for this outstanding talent.

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for an artist who is not only talented but has a truly genuine, kind hearted spirit. His story is one of dedication and inspiration that it is possible to follow your dreams, but I sincerely hope this story has the happy ending such a talented artist deserves and look forward to listening to his music for many years to come. Go check him out!

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