Francis Karel Releases ‘Like All My Friends’ And Channels His Inner Romanticism.

Francis Karel has been busy in the past few years and really hasn’t had the time for love but that hasn’t stopped him wondering what it would be like to be falling in love like all his friends.

Blissfully Surreal New Video For ‘Any Day In The Park’ From Stars And Rabbit

The music video for Stars And Rabbit’s new single, ‘Any Day In The Park’ was released on February 12, followed by the single, ‘Naked King’, which preceded the release yesterday, February 26, of their album, ‘Rainbow Aisle’.

Navakaine – ‘Skyliner’

Navakaine, with her name a reference to the pain killing drug, is soon to be everyone’s new addiction. The singer who grew up in Indonesia but is now based in New York City, has released her debut single, ‘Skyline’.

Rich Chigga – ‘Glow Like Dat’

Independent artist Rich Chigga, real name Brian Imanuel, made waves with his first release, ‘Dat $tick’, a trap rap track and video which came out last year. Now the rapper, currently based in LA but originally from Indonesia, returns with his new single, ‘Glow Like Dat’.

HEALS Are Riding The Crest Of A ‘Wave’ With New Single

Indonesian band HEALS have recently released their latest single, ‘Wave’.

Sigmun: The Band Behind Crimson Eyes

We talk to Indonesian rock band, Sigmun.

Sigmun Ask Us to Look with ‘Crimson Eyes’

Sigmun, an Indonesian rock band, were formed in 2011. Their debut full length album, ‘Crimson Eyes’, is a prog rock epic, with the band believing that the music they make comes spontaneously from their unconscious minds.