Project213 Is Straight Out Of Boise And Talk To Us About Covid, The Other 212 Projects, And Music

If you’ve caught any of Project213’s previous releases, such as last year’s ‘Bleed With Who?’ and their more recent single, ‘Personality For Miles’, you’ll know that they’re very much the definition of interesting. We certainly thought so, and therefore when the opportunity arose to speak to Project213, we didn’t have to be asked twice.

Thank you for talking to us today! First off, how has the Covid-19 pandemic affected you? Are you feeling that it gave you opportunities to grow that you wouldn’t ordinarily have had in normal times, or it was more of a hindrance? What lies ahead for you now that things seem to be opening up more?

The Pandemic forced me to look inward. Fortunately, I didn’t catch the virus, but the year-long self-isolation was both difficult and exhausting, as I am sure it was for everybody. And now, two years later, I do see that some good came out of it as far as my artistic life is concerned. My productivity went through the roof, but it was a different sort of productivity than what I had grown accustomed to. I discovered a new depth to my thought process which allowed for a different type of exploration in my music. ‘Personality For Miles’ is a great representation of this, especially because I wrote it during the first year of the pandemic. In fact, the odd instrumental section in the middle is what it would sound like living with me during quarantine. So I would say that the pandemic has altered my path and pointed me in a different direction. It is not a better or worse path, just different. So as the world opens back up (kind of), I now contribute to humanity with a depth to my esoteric and musical vibrations that weren’t there before. In short, I feel as if I have come into my own as an artist/musician. My artistic priorities are solidified, and I plan to carry these new perspectives forward. I have gained a certain bravery that is allowing me to be, simply, just me.

What’s the meaning behind the name Project213? Have there been 212 other projects that went before it? 

Good question! Sometimes it feels like I have created and killed 212 other projects and sometimes it feels like I have another 212 yet to create:). Project213 is referencing my college days getting my first music degree at the University of Idaho. Much of my time was spent in one of the practice rooms collaborating and creating to my heart’s content. That room number was 213. I miss the days of open-ended collaboration. I miss the constant output and the constant inspiration. Project213 was created as a vehicle to allow me to relive the excitement that I experienced when I was creating without the concern of making a living. Nothing else matters but growth through output. However, having matured quite a bit since then (kind of), Project213 has also become a vehicle to explore compositional techniques and ideas that don’t fit within the boundaries of my other projects. So, Project213 is a name that represents a very specific mindset where I can explore ideas that aren’t mainstream. …and when I do it under the pen-name of Project213, I don’t feel guilty about a damn thing!

‘Personality For Miles’ is nothing if not quirky, both musically, and in the video that accompanies the track. Do you feel it’s an illustration of your personalities, are you quirky people?

Welcome to my mind’s Area 51 where quirky aliens co-mingle with unsatiated desires. 

The concept for the music video was created by my collaborator, Scott Grady. I love that he was able to enhance the story told by the music and that it was done in a way that matches the mood. Unlike some of my other videos, I was not involved in the creation of this one. However, Scott Grady and the actresses involved all have Personality For Miles! 

Is the song an illustration of my personalities? I would say yes. At times I feel like I have “Steve Buscemi eyes and a crooked sly smile”, and that makes me feel flawed. At times I think other people in my life are incredibly beautiful and unique and I feel insignificant. And I do find myself trying to “clean up some of my own shit” and simply just trying to do what I can. 

Ya, I am quirky.

Maybe it is an illustration of all of my 213 personalities :).

Seriously though, I think we all have our own brand of quirky.

Yes, I agree that we all have our own brand of quirky, and that is really more the point of the song. I am glad you said that. I would love to learn about your brand of quirky :).

Tell us about the music scene in Boise.

The music scene in Boise is a thriving indie scene with a driving, do-it-yourself work ethic.

Who are your greatest inspirations? In music, and in life?

Wow. Okay, I am inspired by passion and I love watching it transpire in the lives of others. So I am not concerned about what they are doing, but rather how they are doing it and to what level of intensity. I find people like Pele and Michael Jordan to be incredibly inspiring. They never let anyone get in their way of achieving their goals. I am also inspired by Elon Musk and his constant “inventing to find solutions” approach to life. I don’t think I have found a Ted Talks that doesn’t inspire me. Musically I am inspired by Prince’s work ethic, Steve Reich’s open mind, Steve Gadd’s groove, and John Coltrane’s brand of spirituality.

What’s the songwriting process for you? Do you start out with an idea for the words, or the music first, or does it all come together as a whole?

This is one of the major things that has changed for me during the pandemic. Before, I would try to write a song to fit an idea. Now I wait for the song to start writing itself and then just jump on board and enjoy the ride. Previously I always started with the music first. Now I find lyrical ideas to be a driving force. One thing that has remained consistent though is I always seem to have some sort of emotional undercurrent that provides a heartbeat. I have always been fascinated by people who see colour when they hear music, but I have discovered that I rely mostly on emotion and if anything veers away from the emotional undercurrent, then it isn’t the right choice for the song. As long as the emotion is there, I feel like a bad choice can’t be made. 

Overall though, the most important part of the songwriting process for me is to trust the journey.

What are the top 3 artists/tracks on your playlist, and why are they there?

Phillip Glass, Eminem, and Tool. For me, these three artists are just so emotionally on point.

What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what’s the answer to that question?

I am just happy that you are curious about me and my music. I have never spent the time dreaming up ideal questions to be asked because I never really thought it would happen 🙂. I do understand and appreciate the intent of this question though. I guess I would be flattered if somebody asked me how I would like to be remembered. The answer is, “by my music. All of it. The shitty, the weird, the quirky, and the good”.

You can also find out more about Project213 from their official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Project213 - Personality For Miles (Official Music Video)

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