NEW SINGLE: We Are Messengers ‘Come What May’

Before the strong sing-along chorus of ‘Come What May,’ the Irish-American band We Are Messengers translates pain into possible new beginnings and space for growth. 

Frontman Darren Mulligan’s powerful soaring vocals lead us into the unfolding power of ‘Come What May’ that will have you screaming your heart out. Opening lyrics, “sometimes sorrow is the door to peace; sometimes heartache is the gift I need,” share We Are Messengers’ perspective on overcoming hardships with the hope of better things coming. 

We Are Messengers has accumulated an overall 185 million on-demand streams that showcase the band’s reach that possess the voice to go beyond any border. Via their songwriting, the band extends a moment of peace and self-reflection for the hurting, the outsiders, and the underdogs, whom We Are Messengers firmly identify with. 

‘Come What May’ is an ethereal musical expression of the will to live despite any circumstances, knowing there is still light at the darkest tunnels if you believe. Tap into the infectious spiritual energy of We Are Messengers and any of their upcoming releases. 

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