Fighting Battles: Chaz Kiss Comes Up Against ‘Goliath’ In Her Latest Release

Upstate New York artist Chaz Kiss used to go by the name Ameliarose, and her latest release, ‘Goliath’ wants people to know that we shouldn’t be underestimating her strength.

As she sings in the tense and smouldering, ‘Goliath’, “I bet you thought I was less than I am”, Chaz Kiss issues a challenge to not just the song’s title character, a lover who may not be giving her full credit. It’s also a call out to those listeners who know her from her previous releases as Ameliarose, and a declaration that she’s still got that same toughness and intelligence as before, but she’s turned it all up a notch or two, with every emotion amplified, the music intensified, and the lyrics sharpened with edges that cut through diamonds.

On Chaz Kiss’s upcoming EP, ‘Dead Moths In My Sugar’, she’s playing and singing even better than before, with the writing and arrangements of her songs displaying a fearlessness characteristic of major artists. Her sound has been released from any genre, with Chaz Kiss forging a personal sound that fuses alt rock, emo, jazz, and art-pop.
With ‘Goliath’ Chaz floats along a piano groove before she explodes into a barbed chorus; it’s an experimental sound yet Chaz Kiss manages to make it all sound as natural as the sun rising in the morning, and just like everything else she does, it’s a reflection of her magnetic – at times strange, and offbeat, personality. Being true to herself, she retains her integrity.

The music video for ‘Goliath’, directed by Lorelei Edwards & Brian Edwards, sees Chaz dressed to kill in bright colours, thick-soled black shoes and tight tights, glitter and attention-grabbing cosmetics, and – in a few scenes – in a black top hat. Chaz Kiss is the ringleader, and is firmly in control – until she isn’t. One moment she’s at her most vulnerable, the next she’s absolutely determined. At no point however is anything hidden, it’s sheer commitment to her message and melody.

You can check out the incredible video for ‘Goliath’ below, and find out more about this wonderful artist and her music online on ReverbNation, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

GOLIATH (Official Music Video)

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