AztroGrizz’s New Single, ‘Man In Black’ Has Us Walking The Line

Grizzly John and Lewis I Am team up as AztroGrizz in their hip hop/country single, ‘Man In Black’.

The pair joined forces back in 2012, fusing genres in a never-before-seen way, beating the likes of Little Nas X by almost a decade. Merging pop and indie or country with hip hop, they pushed boundaries with each new track, Lewis I Am bringing grounded rap bars, while Grizzly John cutting through any noise with his soulful voice.

AztroGrizz’s latest release, ‘Man In Black’ will captivate all listeners, with their calculated rap bars set against a fresh country beat and chorus. With southern charm, they mesh acoustic guitars with a bass-heavy trap beat in a heartfelt song about really living without overthinking it all.

The accompanying music video for ‘Man In Black’ follows a woman supporting her husband through illness until his very last breath, while Grizzly John appears as Death, and Lewis I Am is an angel to help guide the soul into the light. Flashing between past and present, the song is emotional, raw, and relatable, and serves as a testament to the fantastic lyricism and storytelling that AztroGrizz bring with each new release.

You can watch the music video for ‘Man In Black’ below, and follow AztroGrizz online on their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok,

AztroGrizz- Man in Black (Official Music Video)

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