PREMIERE: LdashD ‘Don’t Give Up’

As much as we want to feel connected to an artist, our curiosity is what drives our interest. The release of ‘Don’t Give Up’ by the so-far anonymous LdashD marks an addition to his growing discography of energetic, genre-bending, hook-laden, guitar-based multi-ethnic mix with elements of D’n’B. 

Without learning LdashD’s identity, the music speaks for itself. Following the footsteps of his mentors, Picasso and Vince Van Gogh, LdashD is also a self-taught artist and producer whose work you might stumble upon in Brick Lane, London. 

The premiere of his new EP ‘Don’t Give Up’ acts as the third part of a trilogy of forward-looking EP’s, ‘BestLife,’ ‘We Still Dance’ and now ‘Don’t Give Up.’ Keeping up with the likes of uplifting tracks, LdashD presents a set of three songs, ‘Party People,’ ‘Does It Feel Right,’ and the title track. 

The sound of LdashD is unique, unreplicable, and feels comfortable in distress. The silent intention behind his new EP ‘Don’t GIve Up’ is to let you know the party did not stop, and you should be out there chasing the city lights. 

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