Cassa Jackson Doesn’t Hold Back On ‘Wish I Didn’t Care’

She’s done it again. London singer/songwriter Cassa Jackson is back and better than ever. Delivering a personal testament to envy and frustration, Jackson releases a new single, ‘Wish I Didn’t Care’. 

Following up the lovestruck ‘Learning How To Love,’ Cassa Jackson shows her darker side on the ego powerplay anthem ‘Wish I Didn’t Care.’ Good for us, people drowning in their suppressed feelings, she finds comfort in expressing the rawest emotions, like being a spectator to your crush talking to someone else. Jackson turns the haunting paranoia over such a relatable hurtle into a pop sing-along anthem with striking vocals. 

She speaks on the track:

“Writing ‘Wish I Didn’t Care’ was such a cathartic experience for me. I wrote it at a time when I really struggled with jealousy in a relationship, which is such a destructive emotion, and I wished I didn’t feel that way. We’ve all felt jealous from time to time, and hopefully, this song will help anyone else feeling that way overcome it a little bit”.

Jackson will continue her honest interpretation of young love, heartbreak, and everything that comes with it on her upcoming EP ‘Crossroads’ out on 7th October. In the meantime, she uses her TikTok account with a whopping 150k followers to capture her natural talent, singing her heart out in her car. 

On top of all of this, the English boyband JLS specifically asked for Cassa Jackson to join them on their highly anticipated comeback tour ‘Beat Again’ that will kick off on 20th October with arena dates all over the country. 

Cassa Jackson uses her writing to remind everyone that it is okay to be feeling all the rage, regret, and jealousy and still seem empowered by being vulnerable. ‘Wish I Didn’t Care’ extends her natural talent fuelled by honesty and relatability, contributing to her 4 million Spotify streams. 

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